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PHANTOM chair, Oak nature

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Solid oak base,Upholstered top

New design idiom for classic sofa Phantom is the name of Eva Solo’s sofa, which has been designed by the Danish design duo Tools®, who were inspired by the classic sofas from before the arrival of the TV era. Over the decades, the TV has left its mark on modern sofa design. Originally a piece of furniture where you sat and conversed, the sofa is now often used for relaxing in front of the TV. The classic sofa had a firm back, and was often upholstered with buttons. This is where the inspiration for the design brand’s new sofa – Phantom – has come from. Phantom is a reinterpretation of the classic sofa. However, the buttons in the back have been dispensed with, and in their place are holes through which you can see. It is this detail that the name Phantom refers to – the buttons appear to be there, but actually they are not. Like an illusion. Phantom is available with legs and frame in solid natural oak or smoked oak. Phantom comes as an armchair, as a two-seater sofa and as a three-seater sofa, as well as a two-seater sofa with tables at either end for placing coffee cups, for example.

Vacumm regularly. EvaSolo recommend to use Guardian Furniture Protection and cleaning on all textiles. www.Guardian.dk. The foam must not be exposed to chemicals. Fabric can only be cleaned by using steam in low quantity or dry cleaning.