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Dosina Bar Stool Low 65 cm Upholstery Oak Black

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Wide back with superior seating comfort
Height is perfect for tall tables, kitchen islands or bar counters
Easily stackable
Made of 100% FSC-certified oak

The increasing popularity of kitchen islands and high-top tables in contemporary homes places greater demands on bar stool design and comfort. The Dosina Bar Stool comes into its own with its unique combination of functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Like the Dosina clam shell, the bar stool has an instantly recognisable, fan-shaped silhouette accentuating the superior seating comfort with its wide, embracing back. The chair’s footrest is made as a natural extension of the frame. Thanks to its simple construction, the bar stool has a lightweight, inviting look. It is ideal for kitchen islands, high-top tables or bar areas. And thanks to the bar stool’s stackability, you can easily store spare stools when not in use, without taking up too much space.