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Taffel Table High 105x200x60 Black

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Perfect for the meeting room or as a workstation in an office space
Integrated extension leaves
Durable and practical linoleum table top

Taffel Table High is a sturdy, raw-look industrial table that almost appears to be floating with its clean and light lines. The table is ideal for meeting rooms, as a workstation, in bars and restaurants or in small rooms where its height can create the illusion of a more open interior by taking up less visual space. At events, fairs or receptions, Taffel Table High is ideal for networking, where guests can stand and talk around it. The table has a contemporary, youthful appeal, and is made of sturdy, durable materials. The plywood table top is covered in linoleum – an organic and aesthetically pleasing natural material. The frame is made of powder-coated, cold-formed steel. Taffel Table High is also equipped with integrated extension leaves that pull out easily when extra space is needed.