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Taffel table Conifer 90x200cm

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Originally the Danish word for an aristocratic banquet. Now it is where the modern family comes together: The dining table. A robust, raw and industrial table which nevertheless appears to almost float with its light and stringent lines. At 90 cm wide, Taffel is slightly narrower than most dining tables. However, with its light and youthful look, it is also extremely suitable for smaller homes, where it saves space by doubling up perfectly as a desk. Taffel has integrated extension leaves, which are easy to pull out when more space is needed. Taffel is made of sturdy and durable materials, yet still retains a light and modern feel. The plywood tabletop is covered in linoleum, an organic, natural material that is both beautiful and practical.

Keeping the product in a good condition prolongs it’s lifespan. Avoid unnecessary damage by following the guide below. • Remove stains immediately to avoid permanent damage of the surface. • Place the product in a humidity and temperature stable environment, avoiding direct sunlight. • Use coasters when placing hot or cold items on the surface. • Avoid placing heavy objects on the product. • Tighten screws after one month of usage. • Avoid using sharp or hard objects on the product, as they might scratch or damage the surface. • Avoid pushing or pulling the product, when moving it, as this might damage the floor and the product. Laminate and veneer Clean with a damp cloth and pH-neutral detergent. For regular maintenance of the surface finish, we recommend a linoleum care product such as Monel’s. Apply this at regular intervals. For soiled surfaces, use a pH-neutral special detergent in the recommended solution such as Forbo Cleaner. After cleaning, wash the surface with clean water. To finish, apply a linoleum care product. Steel • Wipe with a moist clean cloth wrung in water or in a solution of mild soap and water. Remove any residue immediately using a clean dry cloth. • Avoid using scouring cream or scouring pads on the surface, as they might scratch or damage the surface.